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Early Fall Decorating Ideas

Before the leaves change and the pumpkins are abundant, subtle colors take center stage. Get some early fall decorating ideas for your home!

I think we often forget to pause and appreciate the in-between. Early Fall isn’t necessarily the showiest of seasons— the words that come to mind are “faded” and “soft”. There’s a beauty in that, I think, and also in the abundance of harvest available. These simple ideas served as the inspiration for my decorating this season.

dining room early fall decorating ideas

Early Fall Decorating Ideas

My friend Rachel is hosting a virtual Fall gathering of decorating ideas today, so make sure to visit the other tours at the bottom of the post for even more inspiration! My goal for this tour was to give you some Early Fall decorating ideas that won’t be overwhelming or time-consuming to bring into your home. All available sources can be found in the individual posts for each room!

Early Fall Decorating in the Mudroom

early fall decorating ideas for the mudroom

My Early Fall “Decorating” in the Mudroom was actually more of a coincidence than intentional.

apples and eucalyptus early fall decorating ideas

I set down my farmer’s market haul and paused, and the creative juices were flowing.

coat hooks and farmer's market haul
Click here to see more of the early fall mudroom!

Early Fall Decorating in the Kitchen

Early Fall decorating ideas for the kitchen

Early Fall Decorating in the Kitchen is simple and sunny. I think the very best thing to do is bake something or light a yummy candle!

sunflowers in the sink

Sunflowers never hurt, either.

Early fall decorating ideas sunny breakfast nook with sunflowers

The golden early fall evening light is unlike any other time of the year! I think that is one of my favorite parts of autumn.

Click here for more of the early fall kitchen!

Early Fall Tablescape

Early fall Decorating ideas tablescape with apples

I put together this Early Fall Tablescape in the dining room to highlight the fading vivid colors of the end of summer.

Tablescape with seeded eucalyptus and apples

While it looks ornate at first glance, the tablescape actually features a mix of neutral decorating staples and inexpensive flowers and produce from the grocery store!

Click here for more of the early fall tablescape!

Vintage Apple Print

Vintage Apple print

I pulled together this Apple Study Print from vintage botanical drawings. I love how it shows the apples cut open, which is a bit fun and different!

Click here for the vintage apple study print!

Early Fall Entertaining

Early fall decorating ideas for entertaining

Fall is the season that always inspires me to open my home to family and friends. Of course, they’re always welcome, but the flavors and scents of the season always call for a gathering.

apple crostata

I think we’ve already determined that early fall is all about the apples, and this Apple Crostata is even easier than pie (but with all of the flavor)!

early fall decorating ideas charcuterie

Charcuteries and early Fall also seem to be the perfect companions. It was fun to experiment with a combination of sweet, spicy, and salty for this spread!

Early fall decorating ideas harvest sangria

And what is a gathering without a nice fall beverage? This Harvest Sangria always hits the spot.

Click here for more of the early fall entertaining!

I hope these Early Fall decorating ideas sparked some inspiration for simple and low key (but pretty!) ways to celebrate the in-between season.

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Early Fall Decorating Ideas

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